About E-8

This page provides answers to some questions that are frequently asked about the Alumni Association of NYU's Company E-8:
  • History
    Company E-8 was founded in 1948 on the Bronx campus of New York University (NYU) and functioned continuously through the recruitment of new members until it was deactivated in

    -- First company commander = Don Protzmann (1948)
    -- Last company commander = Scott Hilley (1972)

  • Alumni Association
    was established to ensure the continuation of the brotherhood. Its current point of contact is pre8mike@aol.com

  • Membership
    in the brotherhood is a lifelong status that was conferred on a brother when was he was initiated into NYU's Company E-8. Membership in E-8 automatically confers membership in its Alumni Association. This membership is not affected by whether the brother subsequently did or did not graduate from NYU or did or did not graduate from somewhere else. Lifelong membership in the Alumni Association is conferred by initiation into Company E-8; nothing else matters.

  • Honorary Membership 
    is regarded as very special and is granted only after due consideration and a vote by the members. Please be advised that absolutely no one has the authority to grant an Honorary Membership. If you want to propose someone for the honor, please advise Mike or Bob with justification and we will poll the membership for their approval. The award will be conferred at the next Annual Meeting with appropriate ceremony.

  • Succession
    is an ongoing concern for the current leadership of the Alumni Association, Mike Greenberg and Bob Sierra. If something were to happen to either or both of them, what would happen to the Association? If you are a member of our brotherhood, do you have any suggestions? If so, please send your ideas to pre8mike@aol.com